Game overview

Perhaps you wanted to have an army of mindless minions you could do anything you like with them. Bully, torture, break them down? I bet you have. Maybe you are such a nasty person. That's good too.

Now you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to freely punish hundreds of wretches by slicing, drilling, chopping, fragmenting. And it's going to be exclusively your job. And the job needs to be done. Some of them will be fast, some will be armored, but all are to be get rid off. Dispose those filthy runners to deadly tools, throw them in the air and... [CENSORED]. Personally execute those filthy sticky wretches, discover new sets of traps, beat records in NeverEnding Mode and compare your results with other butchers!

Be mean, be ruthless, be a Sick Stick Slayer, be The Slaughter and drink tea!


  • Dozens of levels
  • NeverEnding mode
  • Saws, drills, spikes, knives and chainsaws to your disposal
  • Normal, fast runners and armored sticks unaware of doom
  • Gamecenter's Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Madness within!